Childhood's End Miniseries On SyFy - Longer Trailer

I noted previously on this blog that the SyFy cable channel will bring us a 6-hour miniseries adaptation of Arthur C. Clarke's trippy story "Childhood's End" this December. After having now watched the longer trailer, my same mixed feelings of anticipation and trepidation remain.

The trailer is atmospheric and mysterious to be sure (which of course is the point), but I honestly did not recognize a whole lot from the book. Now, a TV dramatization will of necessity be different from a book, but other than the names "Rikki Stormgren" and "Karellen", and the couple of scenes mentioned below, I did not really see anything that specifically reminded me of story from the novel.

We see a lot of people gazing upward (expected), some quick looks at what I assume are key characters, and a 2001-looking scene in a room with mirrored walls. We also hear the voice of Karellen, and some creepy kid behavior (again, expected).

We don't see Karellen of course (the leader of the visitors), as his appearance is a key point of the story (I hope they did not change that), although we do briefly see a shadow that may belong to one of the Overlord race.

The novel is a mysterious tale for much of the first part, and I hope the actual miniseries can pull that off while maintaining the audience interest and curiosity.

From looking at the cast list, it also looks like characters have been changed, omitted or perhaps combined in the translation from book to TV. Again, probably inevitable - but we shall see how that all works out in December. I really would like this to work!

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