The EM Drive: Real Deal Or Square Wheel? *updated*

*update* NASA concluded some more testing that seems to show that this actually does produce thrust.

The EM drive may be something wonderful - or it may be nothing at all. You would think in this day and age, we would be able to determine if a propulsion system works or not.

In this case - as I understand it - it does seem to work; it does produce a measurable "effect" under testing. But few seem to fully understand how it works or the true nature or power of the "effect" produced.

If it does actually do what some think it may - well then, welcome to the future.

The best research points to the EM drive generating 30kN of thrust for each kilowatt of power dumped into the frustum. Put more simply, one kilowatt (the power to light ten 100 W light bulbs, or run a microwave oven) could lift a 3000 kg object and hover a few feet off the ground.

Great overview here, at HackADay 

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