Atari 8-bit GUI Lovin'

It seldom fails to impress me how much time and effort (and love?) geeky types will put into a passion project. Here is a further example; another attempt at bringing a GUI Operating system for Atari 8-bit devices (remember those?).
The completed graphical OS will include:

    A pre-emptively multitasking kernel supporting up to 16 processes
    Inter-process messaging system, supporting up to 64 open messages
    Completely replaces the Atari OS and DOS
    File system drivers supporting FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32
    Overlapping, movable, sizeable windows
    Cascading pull-down and pop-up menus
    Movable desktop icons and shortcuts
    Per-process and overall CPU load profiling
    Dialogue boxes with a rich control set (list boxes, spinners, sliders)
    256 character fonts from 6 to 32 points
    Italic, boldface, and underline, outline, and shadow styles for all fonts
    Smooth, quick and responsive mouse control
    Desktop file manager with drag-and-drop support
    Comprehensive API and technical documentation for developers

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