CIA Director Brennan Forwarded Some Work Emails To His AOL Account

As comedian Ron White says: "You can't fix stupid". Not to say that John Brennan is a stupid man, but he appears to have done a really thoughtless, dumb thing in forwarding some CIA emails to his AOL email account. - and yes, including sensitive stuff.

How do we know this? His AOL account was hacked. Did I mention Mr Brennan is the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency?
The hackers posed as Verizon techs. After producing a fabricated "Vcode" (an identifier that "verifies" a person as a Verizon employee), Verizon gave up the information the hackers needed to gain control of Brennan's AOL account: PIN, backup phone number, email address and last four digits of his credit card.

They then called AOL to tell them they were locked out of "their" account. The information handed over by Verizon answered all of AOL's verification questions. And in they went, uncovering -- among other things -- the SF-86 application Brennan had filled out to apply for security clearances. They also discovered -- and posted -- screenshots of a spreadsheet apparently listing names and social security numbers of intelligence officials.

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