Jar-Jar Binks Could Actually Have Been Worse

The widely-reviled character of Jar-Jar Binks could have been even more annoying, as there was apparently some thought given to him having a lovable companion/pet ( a "blarth") to tag along on his adventures. Makes you almost pine for the Ewoks.
Concept art by Whitlatch does exist, but it was eventually decided to keep Jar Jar a solo act and drop the idea…somewhat, at least. The alien canine waddled and slobbered its way into series canon through the book The Wildlife of Star Wars: A Field Guide, illustrated, again, by Whitlatch.

Personal note: the first time I saw Jar-Jar, I am sure my expression was like that of the audience members in the Mel Brooks movie "The Producers" when they witness the musical number "Springtime For Hitler"...

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