Cherry Picker Point-Of-Sale Malware Shows Up For The Holidays

Retailers rely tremendously on the holiday season to generate a lot of their revenue for the year, and the last thing they (or we) probably want to hear about is point-of-sale (POS) malware.

Well, sorry about that.
Trustwave, the security firm that first publicly identified the Backoff POS malware that affected more than 1,000 U.S business in 2014, is now warning about the Cherry Picker POS malware.
Cherry Picker is unrelated to the Backoff malware family and could well be older than Backoff, according to Eric Merritt, security researcher, Trustwave SpiderLabs. He noted that the initial reporting on Cherry Picker was done several years ago. 
"We encountered Cherry Picker again in a recent investigation, and given the uptick in POS malware across the industry, we decided it was important to conduct a much more in-depth analysis of the threat in order to ensure the public was made aware of this specific malware and the broader problem," Merritt told eWEEK.

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