Hey! Don't Bump The Nuke!

If you are transporting a nuclear missile in a big rig, you likely don't want one of your escort Humvees bumping into the back of the trailer. That is supposedly what this short clip shows; a military convoy passing by and one of the escort vehicles slowing to tell the person with the smartphone they can't record the event (some brief NSFW language). 

While this is happening, one of the trailing vehicles rear-ends the trailer (gulp), and the convoy carries on. The Air Force would not confirm what was in the tractor trailer.
The video was captured and uploaded Nov. 2 by a user who identified himself as Paul Tedford and resident of Great Falls, Montana, near Malmstrom Air Force Base, which is home of the 341st Missile Wing, part of the Air Force Global Strike Command.
“Have you ever seen a nuclear missile being transported in a convoy?” the post states. “Several helicopters in the air and federal marshals leading the way. The crazy thing is that the fed pulled over and was yelling and waving his hands that I can’t record this video! And then a truck rear ended the nuke!”

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