More New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Footage In TV Spot

The creative team behind the new Star Wars movie (episode VII - "The Force Awakens") have done a great job so far of keeping major plot points secret. The trailers have given us a tantalizing preview of the look and scope of the movie, while revealing very little of the actual story - which is great, from my point of view. I have little self-control in matters like this, and will voraciously scoop up every detail I can, while perversely still hoping to be surprised when I put my bum in the theater and actually see the film this December.

We know the cast, and most of the characters, although for the most part we don't know how many of them relate to the story as a whole - a story which we again have only in broad stokes. This is A Good Thing, I believe, and has worked well to create great buzz and interest.

One point I just realized from the recent Japanese/International trailer is that Daisy Ridley's character, Rey, speaks with an "English" accent in the movie  - and yes, I realize this all happens in a galaxy far, far away, so the character is not English. The young actress herself is English of course, but fellow Brit John Boyega has an "American" accent for his character, Finn.

There is now another short TV spot which, surprisingly, has more previously unseen footage. Disney is just expertly ramping this up as we quickly approach the release date.

Here are Daisy and John, acting like a couple of cute 23 years olds...

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