Where Is Luke Skywalker?

Luke Skywalker has been noticeable by his absence in all the trailers, teasers and TV spots for Star Wars: The Force Awakens so far. With a December 18th release, I am pretty sure he won't suddenly pop up now. So what's up?

Well, skillful marketing by Disney and Lucasfilm, for one thing; reminding us that that although we have seen a fair bit of footage already, we still only know Episode VII's story in the broadest of strokes - or think we do, anyway.

Luke reaching out to R2-D2 with his robotic hand?
Apart from Luke's absence (Mark Hamill IS in the movie's cast), the other returning original cast members have not been heavily featured in the trailers either; we have seen a little of Han and Chewie, and only glimpses of Leia and the droids C3PO and R2-D2.

I have only ever seen a couple of concept art renderings of Mark Hamill in character, looking much like Obi-Wan Kenobi from the first movie, Episode IV. That may imply he is living in a similar hermit-like manner to "Old Ben" in that movie, or something a bit more sinister...

Indeed Mark Hamill's recent real-life appearances have him wearing a full beard and looking rather grizzled and Kenobi-ish, and interestingly he his currently the same age as the original Kenobi (Sir Alec Guinness) was when Star Wars was first release (63 years old).

The sense I get seems to be that Luke Skywalker and the Jedi in general have either been largely forgotten or overlooked as a myth or legend in the time since the latter movies, and my guess is that Luke will show up towards the end of this story - indeed part of the story may involve trying to find him and persuade him to help out with the current "troubles". 

The 'Web is full of theories, and all that buzz is great for the box office, of course.

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