Batman V Superman - New Trailer's Big Reveal

The new Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice trailer reveals a pretty big plot point (you can view the trailer below if you don't seeing mind the spoiler), and it's quite a marketing contrast to the Star Wars trailers that have been released thus far. The Force Awakens trailers and TV spots have shown quite a bit of footage, but very little in terms of the actual plot.

The first Batman V Superman trailer followed much the same pattern; a general theme (Bruce Wayne/Batman pissed off at Superman's part in the loss of life and destruction of parts of Metropolis in Man of Steel), accompanied by some footage that contained some puzzling images (such as Superman bowing before Lex Luthor). 

However, the new trailer seems more like one of those most-of-the-plot-in-condensed-form kind of trailers we so often see these days. It is shown that Superman and Batman put their differences aside to confront a common enemy after their bout of fisticuffs (which has always been a generally accepted plot point), but then the big baddie is also revealed too - with 3 months to go till the March 2016 release.

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