Microsoft's Dumb, Dangerous Precendent

The traditional wisdom regarding unsolicited emails, such as it is, encourages you not to open attachments or click on links even if it appears to be from someone you know - you should check with them first, just because email is so easy to spoof.

There was also the admonition that Microsoft would never send out emails with links to patches in them, that these would be handled via Windows updates. Well, for some unknown reason, Microsoft just screwed with that notion by doing just that, regarding their new Universal Mail app.
Although it looks like a phishing message, the message is, in fact, from Microsoft. For years, those of us who support Windows customers have admonished people to never click a link in an email message that says it will install a Windows update. "Microsoft would never send you an email with a link to a patch," the saying went -- until Friday anyway. Now, I guess the general advice is "If it looks like the mail came from Microsoft, sure, install whatever they say."

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