Star Wars: The Force Awakens Rekindles Memories

I saw the original Star Wars in Scotland when I was 20 years old, which offically makes me an old fart. I can still recall the real sense of wonder at what I was experiencing on the screen - a fun yarn, with some breathtaking visual effects for the time. The hardware looked real (and used), the environments seemed like real, if alien, places.

The Force Awakens gave me much the same feeling - not exactly, but very close. The story is in some ways very similar to the original, and the impeccable production and visual effects gave me much of that same feeling of real alien locations.

As one who has become a little jaded by CGI and large scale spectacle in so many movies these days, this was almost without exception very, very well done in all respects. A fun story well told, with big emotions and some true spectacle.

Almost worth waiting almost 40 years for, in fact.

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