Chapeau Linux 23 - 10 Days Later

A little over  a week ago, I took a look at Chapeau Linux 23,  one of my infrequent wanderings away from Ubuntu-based Linux distros. After about 10 days, I can confirm my initial favorable impression of Chapeau - it works well, and smoothly, and largely looks quite polished.

I have become used to the fonts, and I have even gotten a lot more comfortable using the Gnome 3 Desktop. While I still don't actually like the Gnome 3 aesthetic, it's certainly usable and functional. In fact, the only small issue I have is that, although the default software selection is pretty comprehensive,  the available additional software selection seems to be a bit...skimpy. 

There is no Google Chrome, or Chromium that I can find  - and no LMMS (a popular DAW program). I realize I can probably add a repo to address this, or even download a tarball, but it seems a bit odd that these (pretty widely-used apps) would be MIA from the standard software selection. 

Other than that small gripe, a good job from the Chapeau folks!

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