IoT Floods CES 2016

IoT - or Idiotic Overkill Technology as I sometimes think of it - made a BIG splash at CES 2016, as the CNET article here shows. While I am a card-carrying old fart, I do also work in IT and I don't automatically reject new stuff just because it's new. Well, most of the time.

While I agree the "Jetson-like" appeal of connected devices is cool in many regards, I also feel strongly that we are not ready for this - by a long way. Showing my age again with that Jetsons reference, hmmm.

The current climate of hacking and lackadaisical security just seems to be anathema to an orderly roll out of useful and reliable technology to be used in and around our homes.

App-controlled air conditioning and slow cookers are fine - and possibly even useful - but I don't want to come home to a stifling house, dehydrated pets and a cremated pot roast because some 14-year old twerp hacked my stuff for "teh lulz".

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