Is David Duchovy Worth Two Gillian Andersons?

It's being reported that Gillian Anderson was originally offered half of the salary offered to co-star David Duchovny to reprise her role as agent Dana Scully in the upcoming X-Files revival mini series.

Are we still doing this, in 2016? Ms. Anderson went through a similar disparity in the original series, although in that case there was some feeling that she was originally to be "the sidekick". As the show progressed, the characters of Mulder and Scully became more of a team, and pay parity was eventually agreed to for the two principal actors.

I confess I have no background in movie or TV salary negotiations, but if two actors are brought back to recreate a popular team in a series revival does it not seem a bit churlish to start out offering one of them half of what the other was offered?

That's how it's being reported anyway, and on face value it comes across as pretty sucky.
While Anderson certainly isn’t the first actress in Hollywood to be offered less than her male co-star, she was surprised by the lower offer in light of her previous fight. “It was shocking to me … I worked really hard toward that and finally got somewhere with it,” she said.

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