Star Trek - The Original Model

The miniature of the USS Enterprise from the original Star trek TV show on NBC is being prepped to go on display at the Smithsonian. Considering the model dates back to the mid-1960's TV series, there is actually quite a bit of work involved in bringing it back to pristine condition.
...the Enterprise has been treated to cover more than four decades of wear and tear that had to be individually removed by scientists.
"To understand the layers of paint applied to the model over the decades, microscopic cross sections of the paint were sampled and studied by Dr. Susan Buck, a conservator specializing in the analysis of painted surfaces," the researchers said.
"The analysis revealed layers of paint from four generations of filming and four previous restorations. The only area with unaltered original paint, on top of the saucer, will be painstakingly cleaned and stabilized, but not altered."

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