Adobe Creative Cloud Bug For Mac Users

Complex software leaves many nooks and crannies for bad stuff to lurk and make mischief. Such is apparently the case this time with Adobe Creative Cloud for Mac.
Adobe Systems has stopped distributing a recently issued update to its Creative Cloud graphics service amid reports a Mac version can delete important user data without warning or permission.
The deletions happen whenever Mac users log in to the Adobe service after the update has been installed, according to officials from Backblaze, a data backup service whose users are being disproportionately inconvenienced by the bug. Upon sign in, a script activated by Creative Cloud deletes the contents in the alphabetically first folder in a Mac's root directory.
Ars Technica

Per Apple Insider, "In the meantime, Creative Cloud users are advised not to install the version update or, for those who have already done so, not to log in. For users who need immediate access to Creative Cloud, Backblaze suggests creating a sacrificial folder and assigning it a name assured to be first alphabetically."


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