Drone Racing League Takes Off

Let's see; you have small, fast, agile remote controlled aircraft that can be flown indoors and outdoors. Add competitive individuals, and the ability to fly the craft at high speed though colorful courses via a first person view (as if you had a tiny cockpit on the front of your drone) - the result is the Drone Racing League.
There have been two league races thus far—a preseason event in an abandoned power plant in New York, and the first regular-season event in Miami’s Sun Life Stadium—attracting competitors from Brazil, Mexico, Australia, and across the United States. There’s no real “hotbed” for drone racing, DRL founder and CEO Nicholas Horbaczewski says. Drone fever is pretty much everywhere he looks.
“Usually, you have a regional interest in a sport and it grows from there,” says Horbaczewski. “This kind of racing originated in Australia, but now there’s some form of organized drone racing in most countries I’ve looked at.”

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