Kickstarter, Strippers, and Booze - Oh My

If you have ever put down some of the green stuff into a Kickstarter campaign, there is surely a little voice somewhere in the back of you mind wondering if the money will be wisely spent. While the wise use of funds can be debated in any case, you probably would not expect your contribution to be spent on restaurant visits, drinks and strippers.

Sadly, it looks like that scenario did come about in one recent case, causing a lead programmer to quit the project in protest.
Over the weekend, lead programmer Eric Tereshinski resigned from the project after finding out his business partners “were secretly stealing company money.” 
More specifically, “They had secretly spent the overwhelming majority of both our Kickstarter money and the Ant Simulator investment money on liquor, restaurants, bars, and...even strippers,” says Tereshinski. 

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