My Go-To Cross Platform Apps

Whether using Windows or Linux, I have several pieces of go-to software I always seem to automatically install. I use Linux almost exclusively on my laptop, but I also have a small low-power media center PC that runs Windows 10.

These are also all free and mostly open source (although I use the paid version of LastPass for some extra functionality).

Mozilla Firefox browser - I like the speed of Chrome, but not the lack of privacy controls. Also love the "live bookmarks" feature.

Dropbox - backup and synchronize files on multiple computers.

Libre Office - don't need, can't afford Microsoft Office.

VLC media player - love this thing!

LMMS - Linux Multimedia Studio, for Windows too, despite the name.

GIMP image editor - I don't use all the features, and if I could reliably use Paint.NET on Linux, I probably would.

LastPass - online password manager

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