New Malvertising Sh*tstorm Hits

A malvertising maelstrom of infested ads is hitting a lot of very mainstream sites, trying to infect visitors with ransomware and other crap. Sites like MSN, Realtor.com, NYTimes.com and so on.

People don't generally like intrusive ads on webpages, and install ad blockers. The website owners are losing revenue and trying to cajole visitors into  not using ad blockers - and now this mess.
The campaign underscores the vital role that smart browsing plays in staying secure online. One of the most important things users can do is to decrease what researchers refer to as their "attack surface." That means uninstalling things like Adobe Flash, Oracle Java, Microsoft Silverlight, and other third-party browser extensions unless absolutely required. The other crucial ingredient in safe browsing is installing updates as soon as they become available and using the 64-bit version of Chrome for browsing when possible. Windows users would also do well to install Windows 10 and use Microsoft's Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit.

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