The Myths Are All Busted

MythBusters just signed off the Discovery Channel for the last time, after some 13 years of trying to validate popular "myths" using the scientific method (plus explosions, where needed). I found myself quickly becoming less and less interested in the show this last season, as it seemed to me to become awfully self-indulgent at least for the first several episodes - I stopped watching after that.

MythBusters Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage

This last season also happened without the younger members of the crew, and for me that seemed to somehow make it less interesting, certainly less enjoyable. Even the last episode, which I basically caught by accident, seemed kind of tired; more explosions and breaking things, just on a bigger-than-usual scale and with slower slow-motion camera work.

Host Adam Savage seemed to choke up a bit at one point, whereas Jamie Hyneman seemed like his usual self - slightly gruff and put upon. I confess I actually felt very little emotion during and after the whole thing, which was odd considering I really enjoyed the show for many years. 

I guess it really was just time for everyone to move on.

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