Why All The Negative Batman v Superman Reviews?

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice just opened to a huge weekend, pulling in almost half a billion dollars world-wide. The initial Twitter comments at early screenings were mostly overwhelmingly positive, and yet the critical reviews have been decidedly mixed (to put it mildly) and some of the negative reviews have been quite over-the-top dismissive and nasty (just take a look a the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes for a start).

To be sure, some of the initial Twitter comments could be fake (some likely were), but after seeing the movie some of the criticisms I read just seemed like random comments. For example, one writer said he felt Superman came across as a "bully" in the movie - I have no idea where that came from, or what it could possibly refer to. Others refer to it being awfully written/directed/acted or too long, or too rushed, or too glum.

Personally, I enjoyed the movie a lot and it seemed neither overly long nor overly rushed. I thought the story was pretty straightforward, not confusing - and there was humor in the movie, even though the story is ultimately rather sombre in some respects. It's not a homage to the well-liked and cartoony Richard Donner Superman movies like "Superman Returns" was, and was never billed as such.

Of course critics are entitled to their opinions, and they don't have to agree with mine, it just seems like such a disconnect on this occasion that it moved me enough to blog about it. I don't believe the movie is getting a fair shake here and I hope it continues to do well, so that the Justice League will eventually show up in movie theaters.

Apparently others have noticed this discrepancy too, and there are claims in some quarters that the reviews are bad because Batman v Superman is a DC property, and not a Marvel one. I don't know if that's true; I doubt it, but stranger things have happened.

It will be interesting to see if people are scared off by the reviews, or if word of mouth keeps the movie goers coming. I hope the latter, as I feel the movie is being unfairly criticized.

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