Firefox Browser To Get More Chrome-y In The Future

I like Firefox as a web browser; I like Chrome too, but I like Firefox more - there's something about the Chrome look and feel that just does not quite do it for me. Good news then, possibly, as Mozilla is looking at a project to utilize Chrome's chewy center for a new browser.
Senior VP Mark Mayo caused a storm by revealing that the Firefox team is working on a next-generation browser that will run on the same technology as Google's Chrome browser.
"Let's jump right in and say yes, the rumors are true, we're working on browser prototypes that look and feel almost nothing like the current Firefox," Mayo wrote in a blog post.
"The premise for these experiments couldn't be simpler: what we need a browser to do for us – both on PCs and mobile devices – has changed a lot since Firefox 1.0, and we're long overdue for some fresh approaches."
The Register


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