First Time Ubuntu Upgrade

As I have mentioned here previously, I have the quirky habit of changing Linux distros pretty regularly; I have probably used a dozen different flavors of Linux over the last two years.

The itch struck again this weekend, and I was wondering what to try when I noticed I had an upgrade available on my current Ubuntu Mate 15.x install to 16.04 LTS (long term support). As I had never actually done a Linux in-place upgrade, I thought "why not?".

The process actually worked very well, I was pleasantly surprised. It took about half an hour on a decent Internet connection on a 4-year-old laptop with an SSD drive upgrade. I got a few prompts during the process noting outdated packages to be removed and so on, and I let them apply the default settings.

After a reboot, the system came up with no issues and I have not seen anything untoward in the last 24 hours or so, no application issues or other errors. I did a Windows 10 upgrade on my low-power PC last Fall from Windows 8.1 and it took quite a bit longer (about 90 minutes), but was similarly otherwise uneventful.


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