Opera Bringing Free Built-In VPN To It's Browser *updated*

The Opera browser now has a developer version with a free, unlimited VPN as part of the browser, and it's expected that this feature will become part of the regular release version of the product.
This VPN feature is currently available in Opera 38 developer version, but you can expect it with regular Opera browser in future for sure. After bringing the built-in ad-blocker, Opera has stepped further to attract more users by introducing this free and unlimited VPN feature. You also have the choice to choose from three different VPN servers.
Now while this sounds pretty awesome, I know Opera has to pay for this "free" feature in some way - maybe involving some kind of data collection - so I will temper my initial enthusiasm until I read a bit more about this.

*update* it looks like the "VPN" is more correctly described as a proxy server.


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