Windows 7 Checking For Updates...And Checking, And Checking

You know, I kind of wish my wife was not into her "click games" so much, and I could just reload our home computer with some flavor of Linux already. Some of those games will work via Wine, but unfortunately many will not.

Following a hard drive failure last week, I decided to consolidate formerly two physical hard drives into one, and purchased a bigger SSD drive (240GB vs the current 120GB). Fortunately, the drive that failed was the data drive, so the OS itself still booted - and yes, I had recent backups.

Interestingly, the 240GB replacement drive was about the same price - slightly cheaper even - as the 120GB one I got the previous year. Just shows how SSD drive prices have fallen.

I reloaded Windows 7, then Service Pack 1 and IE 11 from files on a USB drive, and then hit the old roadblock where Windows gets stuck searching for updates.

I hate this screen...
I have to say, I have bumped into this a few times over the years with both XP and Windows 7. I understand that Microsoft has to update their update agent from time to time, but for some reason the first batch of updates seldom seems to contain the latest version.

In this case, it apparently was an older one and the net result was that Window Update would just show "checking for updates" ad nauseum. After quite a bit of Googling and trying a couple of Microsoft Fix-Its, I was finally able to find the latest update agent - a chore that is much more difficult than it needs to be.  

After stopping the update service and installing the new agent and rebooting, Windows Updates worked. Jeebus.

For anyone going through this kind of stuff, this was a particularly helpful article (also suitable for non-techie users).

Now all I have to do is wait for a couple of hours so that almost 900MB of updates can be downloaded and installed...oh, and then fix it so Windows 10 won't get installed.

My wife would not appreciate that, no sirree.

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