DOOM 2016 Is Here

So, the 2016 version of DOOM is out and it looks as good as you would expect it to. Of course, I now have to put on my Old Fart hat  and say that (purely based what I have seen in demos, etc.) it looks a bit more like an updated version of Quake, than Doom.

That's not meant as a snub, necessarily, as Quake was pretty damn good back in the day. But Doom was the first game I played that actually had me sweating and slightly flipping out as I played it. 

Old school DOOM, ca 1993

The original Wolfenstein 3D let me see what could be done on a computer back in the early 1990's; it was immersive (as immersive as 640x480 could be) and challenging.

Doom came out the following year and added a lot of atmosphere and some unsettling images and sounds. I can still recall the first time I went through the level where the "lights" kept going on and off in the game and how much a little thing like that added to the nervous energy the game instilled in me while playing it.

The new Doom looks glorious, of course, but I can't help but wonder if it would take playing it in a VR setting to give me the same thrill as the original. At least the BFG9000  is back!

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