Linux Partitioning Scaring Off New Users?

Hard disk partitioning is one of those things that IT folk generally don't stress over, but if a new Linux user is face with, say, creating a swap partition during an installation - it may just me the one things that turns them off before they even start.

While the various installers - and Linux desktop distros in general - have improved mightily in recent years, there are still a few "ouches" when a sweaty-palmed Windows user approaches the process of actually trying to install Linux.
The last time I looked (maybe 40 minutes ago) when you click that check mark via a Mint install, it will dutifully inform you that there is not a swap partition configured. it further informs you that not having a properly configured swap partition can possibly launch your planet into a collision course with a quasar. 
“Do you want to go back and configure a swap partition?” 
Cue the befuddled new Linux desktop user beginning to form slobber at the corners of their mouth. Houston, we have a problem. 
Yeah, that whole partitioning thing.


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