RAID Rebuild Times With SSDs

This is the kind of stuff I would love to investigate, if I had the resources. I don't, but we can turn to the folks at The Register in this case.

RAID is great technology, but when the rubber hits the road and you need to replace a failed drive, rebuild times can be pretty horrible with large disks. In a production setting that can be a problem.

As you might expect/hope, SSD drives do allow faster rebuilds of RAID arrays. How much faster? Check out the full story.
There are two questions here: SSD vs HDD RAID rebuild times and RAID-vs-erasure code rebuild times. We’ll look at HDD vs SSD rebuild times here.
In a RAID disk rebuild, a portion of that time is disk access latency. What percentage of, say, a near 10 hour RAID rebuild of a failed 4TB disk drive is taken up disk latency? We can then ask: what percentage of a failed 4TB SSD data rebuild will be taken up by SSD access time? Will SAS vs SATA vs NVMe SSD access influence the overall SSD rebuild time?

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