The Luke Skywalker Prosthetic Arm

If you caught The Force Awakens, you briefly saw Luke Skywalker sporting the prosthetic hand he got way back in The Empire Strikes Back after his evil dad, Darth Vader, lopped off his real hand in a fit of pique.

While we already have pretty impressive prosthetic hands, arms and legs here on Earth, we are just starting to see them actually be attached to the living body - usually prosthesis are attached by suction, straps or other methods.

Enter the so-called Luke Skywalker Arm, courtesy of the US military.
A Florida man who lost his left arm above the elbow to cancer eight years ago stopped by the Pentagon courtyard on Wednesday to show off the U.S. military's latest research into prosthetic technology.
The futuristic prosthetic caught the attention of numerous attendees -- not only could he control the hand and fingers with his mind, the device was also attached by way of a titanium stud surgically implanted and affixed to the living bone of his upper arm.
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