Users Turning Off Critical Updates To Avoid Windows 10

It's not that Windows 10 is a bad operating system, and it's not that Microsoft was not being generous when they offered a limited time free upgrade to existing Windows 7 and 8 users; it's the heavy-handed, even obnoxious way that Microsoft has chosen to encourage those upgrades.

Some users have even turned off Windows updates in order to stop seeing the upgrade offers and nag screens. Turning off updates is not a good idea, but I can sympathize. I have installed Steve Gibson's "Never 10" on our main PC to avoid upgrading. 

I already upgraded one PC at our home, and that went fine, but I do not want this second PC to be upgraded. I simply want updates to continue, but not to upgrade, and without having to micromanage things every time Windows changes it's upgrade notification tactics.
Microsoft’s security updates are supposed to protect Windows users from threats, but customers are disabling the updates to avoid a different type of 'threat' -- from Microsoft itself.
Microsoft is going to great lengths to get unwilling customers to upgrade to Windows 10, forcing those unwilling customers to go to greater lengths to avoid it.
The free upgrade offer ends in July anyway, so the games should end then.

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