Airbnb "Rolling Room" In NYC For $39 Per Night

I am not a partaker of most of the newer web services like Uber, Lyft or Airbnb. To me, they sort of seem like things people use on TV, but not in real life. I don't even know if they are available where I live (probably, but I have not searched them out). So treat this as my jaundiced view of of what may well be a good idea, but one I am just too stodgy to accept. 

Staying for a night or two in New York city is rather expensive, certainly if you need to stay anywhere near the heart of the city. An Airbnb provider came up with the idea of offering converted New York yellow cabs as your place to stay - for $39 per night ($50 including cleaning fee).

Personally, I would not pay anything to sleep as if I were "living in a van down by the river", in a vehicle that looks like it already has a bullet hole in the hood. I'd rather hit the Y or something (or just put my trip off and save up till I could afford a semi-decent hotel room).

But you take a look and see what you think. You get a nice view of the city skyline (if you ignore your immediate surroundings), and it IS cheap.

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