Medical Records Up For Grabs In War On Drugs

The America I thought I lived in for the last 30 years or so is finally gone, no doubt about it. I am pretty broken up about it, and I don't really see a way back.

The guarantees of the Constitution are being relieved of their effectiveness, and slowly but surely we are already in a pretty good imitation of the kind of nightmare written about by Orwell.

Oh, you are just imagining things, I hear you say. I don't think I am, and I am not even wearing my tinfoil hat today. The latest burr under my saddle is found in the following rather dreadful account of a government dragnet being just too cute for it's own good.
Marlon Jones was arrested for taking legal painkillers, prescribed to him by a doctor, after a double knee replacement.
Jones, an assistant fire chief of Utah’s Unified Fire Authority, was snared in a dragnet pulled through the state’s program to monitor prescription drugs after someone stole morphine from an ambulance in 2012. To find the missing morphine, cops used their unrestricted access to the state’s Prescription Drug Monitor Program database to look at the private medical records of nearly 500 emergency services personnel—without a warrant. [emphasis added]
What about all the Fourth Amendment stuff? No problem, apparently. Now the DEA wants the same kind of access.

The Daily Beast


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