Our Modern Magic

Science fiction author ad futurist Arthur C. Clarke pointed out (as his "3rd law") that:
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
True enough, when you think of it.

Further thought may reveal some of the magic we have today that is habitually overlooked - we can speak to (if not yet actually converse with) our phones, which we now carry around with us in our pockets and purses.

These phones, being in fact compact computers, can show us moving images and play sounds or music, and allow us to communicate in several different ways with others all over the Earth.

Our cars are starting to become "smart" enough to help us avoid accidents, and to even begin to drive themselves.

Think what someone from the 1900's or even the 1950's would make of this if they were plucked out of their own time and were able to spend a few hours in 2016.

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