And The Winner Is...Windows 10

My wheel-of-operating-systems has spun once again and landed at...Windows 10! I don't know why, but the muse took me and I just replaced Ubuntu Mate (Linux) with Windows 10 on my laptop, which is my primary PC.

It's an older but nice AMD-powered laptop with an upgraded SSD drive, and everything loaded fine and seems to be working. The one quirk so far is that the touchpad seems to act kind of "jittery" when I use two-finger scrolling; not sure what that is about, but I will look into it.

I do this pretty regularly, and have been hopping around various Linux distributions on this machine for several years. It originally came with Windows 7, and I had (briefly) tried Windows 8 and later 8.1, but it has mostly been used with Linux.

As a cheapskate of long standing, I like Linux as the various distros generally come with a lot of usable software right off the bat, and the quality is such that I usually don't feel that I am traveling "second class".

Windows 10 is nice (after a year of tweaking), but I don't how long I will last with the shadow of Microsoft Corporation over my shoulder. We shall see...

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