Maxon Browser Sends Your Stuff To China

The freeware Maxon web browser has been found to send a zip file to it's makers in China containing quite the little treasure trove of data on your browsing habits and computer setup.
The ZIP file contains all kinds of data about the system of the user and the internet history. Information about the system includes the CPU, memory, the adblocker status and the startpage. Also the URL of all visited websites, Google searches and a list of installed application on the system including their version number is sent to the Chinese company.
The browser has an opt-in setting for users to send specific information as part of Maxthon’s ‘User Experience Program’ but whether the user has this disabled or not, the ZIP file is sent to Maxthon. [emphasis mine] The information that is sent to the Chinese company is perfect for cybercriminals to perform a targeted attack, according to one of the security researchers.


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