Nearly Half Of Steam Gamers Use Windows 10

Windows 10 and the Steam gaming platform are a popular mix, according to recent statistics from Valve. Some 95% of Steam users are running Windows, with about 45% of the total using Windows 10, up around 6% over the last 3 months. 

I am a little surprised that Linux use is down slightly, since it was a big deal when Steam was made available on Linux. There are still not that many desktop Linux users in the big scheme of thing of course, but one might have expected the Steam number to increase steadily, since many complained that there was little quality gaming available for Linux prior to Steam.
Other interesting stats revealed by the company indicate that 32.30% of Steam gamers on Windows have 8GB of RAM installed on their systems. More than three-quarters utilize Intel CPUs, while the rest make use of AMD CPUs.

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