One Guy. 135 Scam Tech Support Domains

I guess if you don't have any kind of internal voice telling you not to screw other people over, running a tech support scam is a good way to make some quick bucks. I guess. I also expect if you registered 135 domain names for this purpose, it wasn't really a spur-of-the-moment decision...

Security researchers have spotted an individual who registered 135 domains to host and push out tech support scams.
According to MalwareHunterTeam, the individual's name and address are tied to 135 tech support scam domains, including 120 which are hosted on Internet domain registrar GoDaddy.
This isn't the first time crooks have abused GoDaddy accounts for malicious purposes. For instance, back in May, a rogue advertiser hijacked poorly protected GoDaddy accounts, which they in turn incorporated into a malvertising attack that targeted two TV stations affiliated with the American CBS TV network.
Graham Cluley 

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