The Emerald Isle Due A Pile 'O Greenbacks From Apple

Not sure if this is simply justice being served or an old-fashioned shakedown, but the Eurocrats have figured out that Apple likely owes Ireland more than the equivalent of one billion dollars in back taxes.

*update - it's quite a bit more than one billon dollars*

Ireland has been something of a tax haven for high tech companies for years, fueling the "Celtic Tiger" renaissance of that country - but apparently there can be too much of a good thing as Apple just found out.
The European Commission has finally finished its investigation into Apple’s tax breaks with Ireland and it appears that the company will be slapped with a fine for more than $1 billion in back taxes. 
The commission’s final ruling is expected to come tomorrow, according to a new report that claims Ireland will be expected to calculate exactly how much Apple owes.
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