Windows Anniversary Upgrade Process Is Rather Draconian

Having gone out on a limb last weekend and finally upgraded to Windows 10 on my laptop (usually the home of some flavor of Linux), I just completed the update to the Anniversary Edition. I had wanted to see how things have come along over the course of a year, so I figured I should jump in and apply the big upgrade too. 

Man, that was a long update process!!

I have installed service packs and the like before but this took quite a bit over an hour from start to finish, including multiple reboots. I have a decent Internet connection and while the laptop is 4 years old, it's not a dog and actually has an SSD drive upgrade. Had I realized it was going to take so long, I would have actually timed it out of curiosity.

Also, one has to go through the old "express settings" minefield again - by that I mean you should probably NOT choose the "express settings" during the setup (setup again?) and instead read and consider what you are allowing Windows 10 to send back to Microsoft. There are quite a few choices and they were all reset to the defaults by the upgrade.

Several unwanted Microsoft apps I had uninstalled were reinstalled again, and some of my default program settings were also changed back to Windows 10 defaults. My touch pad settings were also reverted to their defaults (!?).

All this is mildly annoying and seems almost petty, as if Microsoft feels they somehow need to affirm that it's THEIR operating system, and they are just letting us use it. That is technically true, of course, but don't rub my nose in it and at least respect my configuration choices. They did leave my wallpaper alone...

I don't if this is what Apple users go through when OS X is upgraded, but I am not really feeling it. Hopefully the Anniversary Edition will not bring us any major issues, and will continue to be an otherwise very usable OS. If not, then back to Linux!

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