Drone Racing League On The ESPN Fall Schedule

The frantic and colorful drone racing league is heading to ESPN and ESPN 2 this Fall. The DRL is where "racing drones" are put through their paces in tracks that are reminiscent of the "Tron" movies. ESPN is airing ten 1 hour episodes leading up to the DRL World Championship this November 20th.

The pilots/racers fly these drones in so-called "FPV mode"'; they wear special headsets that allow them to see a First Person View from the drone itself (typically a small quadcopter), so they feel like they are sitting in the craft as it zips and zooms through the courses.

It can be high adrenaline stuff, and I'm sure that's what ESPN is hoping for. We get darts and poker, why not racing drones? The video below is from earlier this year, before the official word came out that ESPN was bringing this new event to TV. It's a good, short overview of what to expect.

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