Electric Vehicles Can Get The Job Done, Make A Difference

In common with probably many of my generation, I am not especially "green". Oh, I understand the desire and even the need to re-use and recycle when common sense dictates (and I do), but I don't feel very comfortable when some start demanding substantial human depopulation and ditching all petroleum based product in a few years.

Anyway, it's essentially their world now, not mine, so I roll with it. 

A new years-long study has shown that almost 90% of current personal vehicle usage could be replaced by electric vehicles, and that doing so would put a good sized dent in our carbon footprint. This is assuming they run on "decarbonized" electricity - a new phrase to me, but I'm sure one that will come up again.
By working out formulas to integrate the different sets of information and thereby track one-second-resolution drive cycles, the MIT researchers were able to demonstrate that the daily energy requirements of some 90 percent of personal cars on the road in the U.S. could be met by today's EVs, with their current ranges, at an overall cost to their owners -- including both purchase and operating costs -- that would be no greater than that of conventional internal-combustion vehicles.

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