Kuwait's Massive DNA Database

Kuwait - or Gattaca Land, as we may well refer to it in the future - is intent on gathering DNA data on everyone in that county, and everyone who ever visits that country. It's a huge, expensive undertaking with some very troubling ramifications (see the Gattaca reference above), and the justification for all this is, predictably, fighting crime and terrorism.
Kuwait's government says the database could be used to fight terrorism and crime. The proposal was adopted last July, just a week after a suicide bombing in a Shiite mosque in Kuwait City killed 27 people and wounded many more.
I'm not exactly sure how that would be effective against terrorism in particular, but then again, I am not currently living directly amid a scourge of suicide bombings, and I suppose the government is desperate to at least be seen to be doing something in response, like our Patriot Act here in the USA.

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