Go Go (New) Power Rangers!

I can't say I grew up on Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, but our kids sure did. The hokey sci-fi/fantasy/kung fu mashup basically took large chunks of an existing Japanese TV show, mixed in some clean-cut US teens and bingo! Big toy sales and a very popular kids show.

Like many properties these days, Power Rangers is getting a remake/reboot/whatever. Photos of the suits are already out, and almost inevitably they look different from the spandex outfits of the TV show - more like multi-hued Iron Man suits.

Ah, the 1990's

A movie trailer for Saban's Power Rangers is out now too, and indicates an almost Spider-Man like origin story; put-upon high schoolers gain super powers through a strange device (I don't really remember actual super-powers from the TV show, but hey).

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