Internet Of Things Getting Out Of Control

I dislike the Internet of Things concept (IoT)as a whole; I know I am being a stick in the mud, but so may of the things being connected simple don't need to be. You can count on one finger the number of times you might actually need to interact remotely with your slow cooker, for example. No one needs web-connected cameras in their fridge - c'mon, really? 

You just open your fridge before you go to the store and make a list or record a memo on your phone - you don't need to spend $1,500 to buy a new web-connected fridge. Or worry about your fridge become part of a botnet...

More than just being a grumpy old man though, the shocking lack of regard to even rather trivial security measures found with most of these devices is just depressing, and it will end in tears (or lawsuits), I am pretty sure.
The IoT is expanding faster than device makers’ interest in cybersecurity. In a report released Monday by the National Cyber Security Alliance and ESET, only half of the 15,527 consumers surveyed said that concerns about the cybersecurity of an IoT device have discouraged them from buying one.
Scientific American

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