Linux Desktop - Beginners Guide

Offering a computer user to reload their older Windows XP PC with some flavor of Linux usually meets with incomprehension, confusion or resentment. The concept of a 3rd "type" of computer vs just "Windows" and "Apple" really throws most users, and I completely understand the reaction on a human level.

Conversely, I have heard more than a few anecdotes (some from people I know) about sneakily switching out the OS on some pretext ("Its the new version of Windows!") and having the unsuspecting user carry on checking Facebook, looking at emails, watching videos, etc. with little impact.

Now of course, Linux comes with different Desktop Environments, the variety of which can appear confusing - although more than a few still follow the Windows 95 "Start Button" paradigm. Microsoft struck gold with that one, I have to say.

The "Beginners Guide To The Linux Desktop" is an article and series of videos that go into a little more detail that perhaps is needed for actual beginning end users (would they really need to go into any detail about X11 for example), but for someone who in interested in Linux in general it's certainly informative.

I still say it's unfortunate that we need to formalize the transition, as doing so makes it seem more of a big deal than it perhaps has to be for the casual PC user. After all, there is not much difference between using the Firefox browser in Linux Mint and Windows 7.

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