Orionids Meteor Shower Peaks This Weekend

Seems like there is always some kind of meteor shower in the offing, this time is the Orionids, so-called because the shower appears to originate from the constellation of Orion to us here on planet Earth. For several days after October 20th, the meteor shower is expected to hit its peak - so it's a good time to head out to try and see something.
One reason that the Orionid meteor shower is so popular is that it’s very easy to see. Pretty much everyone on Earth can find Orion in the sky – although in the Southern hemisphere he’s usually standing on his head.

However, we’re still talking about stars here, so you will need to find a place that’s dark, free of ambient light, and not too cold to sit down and relax. Camping grounds, hills outside of town, mountain trails, and so on are all popular choices for a meteor shower party.
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