Wayland Makes It's Way To Fedora Linux 25

I have been aware of the Wayland display server as a replacement for the hoary old X Windows for some years now. However, not really being what one might call a power user (no high resolution multiple displays, or bleeding edge games), I honestly never quite got what all the fuss was about. The traditional X system worked fine in my little world.

Things move on though, and Wayland makes it's appearance in the Red Hat world as part of Fedora 25 Workstation. Wayland is a set of libraries that works with a compositor such as Weston (the reference compositor).
...Fedora 25 Workstation delivers a host of new features, including the long-awaited official debut of the Wayland display server. Replacing the legacy X11 system, Wayland has been under development for several years and seeks to provide a smoother, richer experience for graphical environments and better capabilities for modern graphics hardware.

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