Amazon Echo A Witness To Murder?

Suppose you owned an Amazon Echo, or Google Home, or similar digital assistant device. Further suppose the device is operating normally, awaiting it's "attention" phrase and ready to act upon it. 

Suppose something bad happens in your home - I mean really bad - could/would/should any audio recorded by such a device be made available to the authorities?

A technological Pandora's box, no doubt - and it has already happened.
A man’s body was found floating in a hot tub behind a house in Bentonville, Ark.
Besides the regrettable loss of a life, there wasn’t much remarkable about the crime, at least not until the investigation kicked into high gear the next day. That was when detectives found a number of smart devices, including a Nest thermostat and a smart security system. 
Police also found an Amazon Echo device at the murder scene, which they seized. Then detectives asked for and received a search warrant for the Echo and another for a cell phone belonging to James A. Bates, the home’s owner, who was charged with second degree murder.
I am very curious to see exactly what might be available, and what will actually be turned over (if anything).


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